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Well 2023 has had some unexpected turns so far.

We were fostering my great niece, but she decided she hated it with us and left. We’ve been dealing with the aftermath in a reasonable manner. We had been focussed on her but now we have to start focussing on us. Some days are just great and others are full of distraction and a bit of sadness that we couldn’t help her.

On the bright side, the renovations are mostly done. We had an electrician put a cable through a drain pipe and that made things interesting. All fixed now just getting the ceiling redone. I knew it was too much to tempt fate and fill all the holes in the ceiling and paint it-because just after is when it started leaking.

More good news is that I am writing again. Not much but I’m there. My head is in the space. I’m back at the day job three days a week so I’m not as free to just write when I please. We try to do us time too so on Thursdays and Fridays and weekends we try to take ourselves off somewhere for a break, to focus on us.

I’m also prepping for a big operation in May. I’m getting partial knee replacements in both knees. I have to cycle on the stationary bike (I hate it) and do exercise. I try to walk and pool walk as well. I don’t know what is going to happen to the back garden as it’s a mess and I can’t see me fixing that before the operation. I’ll be out of things for a few months at least.

My son and his wife and my grandson moved to Singapore in February. My son and his wife and been with us on an off for four months. I miss them and I’m hoping to go visit this year when the knees are up for it.

The biggest drag for the surgery is saving up for the gap fees. I’ll need at least $10,000 to start with. I have top private cover but the fund is limited to paying the difference in what Medicare refund and the Medicare schedule fee. So for surgery that could be something like $1500 Medicare schedule fee and $6500 surgeon’s fee. Then there is assistance surgeons and the anaesthetist, with the same issue with the Medicare schedule fee and what they actually charge. I am not really complaining because I have the luxury of choosing when I have my surgery and the fund pays the hospital fees.

The only other bane to my existence is trying to get a refund from Qantas. In October they made me pay twice for a fare because of some system glitch or we couldn’t get on the plane. I’ve been trying since then to get the money back. They keep saying I can have a refund in two weeks or six weeks or eight weeks due to back long then two weeks and it just goes on. I’ve complained to Qantas because you need to do that to complain to the Airline Customer Advocate (ACA). The new twist in the plot is that I have to ask Qantas to review my complaint before I can lodge with the ACA. Rolls eyes. Such annoying crap. Qantas don’t have anything to review. They said they will refund they just haven’t.

I’m saving the best news for last. I attend my graduation ceremony next week 30th March. I’m so excited. I have been conferred my degree. Yes it’s Dr Donna. But I’ve been looking forward to wearing that hat. I’ll post photos next week.

Currently listening to audio books:

The Unquiet Bones by Mel Starr (listening with Matthew and nearly finished. An unexpected buy and bought because I liked the name. It could have been a Audible freebie.

Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon-usually while on my stationary bike. I’m enjoying it but it is a bit slow and indepth.

Marshlight by Joy Ellis, my guilty crime pleasure. I’ve read most of her other stuff and the Matt Ballard series is new to me and a bit different. Not quite murder, just intrigue maybe. The Dying Light that I just finished was interesting and bittersweet.


Here for the Right Reasons by Jodi McAlister and it’s a bit of fun.

Just finished The Rake’s Daughter by Anne Gracie-a fun Regency romance and Wraith’s Revenge by Keri Arthur, the latest installment in the Lizzie Grace series. Both read really quickly so read that as unputdownable.

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