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I’m part of an escapade!

As you might have read, I was published by Escape Publishing in January. To date, Escape Publishing have signed up more than 30 authors so far, Australians and New Zealanders mostly. These writers are a creative bunch, some like the amazing Ainslie Paton, have amazing ideas and vision. These ideas are a bit like a virus you see and we’ve all caught it.

So I’m part of an escapade to write a group contemporary romance novel, which starts appearing tomorrow! Valentine’s Day. We all get to write 200 words. I’ve not seen an outline so this is extreme pantsing if you ask me. I have seen the opening. I have no idea what happens next and I have no idea what I’ll write until my turn comes up. What I’ve seen so far is pretty …well…hot and racy and extremely edgy.

Here is a little logo thing that Escape Publishing have put together. ( They are totally excited about this idea).

0213 VDay Escape Web TEASER


Here is a link to the Escapade blog. http://escapepublishingblog.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/an-escape-love-story-and-we-brought-friends/

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