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We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, with a really big meal, all the family and present opening etc. Usually, Christmas Day is spent lying around, marshalling left overs into unsuspecting stomachs and generally vegging, like watching the DVD haul or reading books. However, in recent years things have evolved. My sister likes us to come over for Christmas lunch and then I go to Matt’s parents in the afternoon. This makes for a lot of food in a 24 hour period and the push out by one day of the lying around, munching on leftovers and doing the stuff I used to do on Christmas Day.

Today I was so exhausted I didn’t want to get out of bed. But I did get out of bed and after a coffee (very weak one) some ham and some chocolate I managed to rustle up enough strength to put away the presents and sit at the PC.

I had this really fab idea of writing very diligently today but I’m afraid that’s been pushed out too. I think I’ll go to the gym tomorrow and restart the fitness regime that has been stalled for two weeks. I know I will never be trim again, but I do need to keep fit so the RSI doesn’t reappear. Then I’ll get serious about finishing Bespelled and either revising or starting something else. I do need to think about Rayessa’s next adventure too.

In a few days, my Iphone 5 will arrive and I will launch myself into the future with Siri, the voice activated software that will answer my phone, make appointments and other fantastic stuff. Just to think when I was growing up there weren’t even PCs, now I have a smart phone.

I had this idea for a novel (SF romance) that had a cute little personal planner, but the rate things are going, it won’t be fiction at all.

Happy holidays to one and all.

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