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Currently I am living with my partner and his father.

I am pretty much an on the go person, except when I’m not. Recently I have been on the go. Baking bread, trying to weave (both fixed heddle and four shaft), write, bake, teach, study…

I fear I probably need a sedative as I am interesting to watch apparently. Maybe I don’t know how to relax.

Meanwhile, I am finding it hard to focus on the PhD novel. This post is probably an example.

It is just that there is so much to do and life is so short and I know I’ll never get to do all the things…and it makes me anxious!

Maybe I should just take a pill or meditate on what is important and reasonable.

Here is a picture of my 100 per cent Rye bread, first time ever. It’s all gone too. So yummy.

IMG_4680 2

I’ll be posting about my new novella next.


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It’s mid-semester break. I have a new granddaughter so it’s off to New Zealand for a quick visit to family and friends. It is also a good test run for my daughter and me and the baby as we are heading to the UK and Ireland in June for a couple of months.

Yesterday, my daughter bought a nifty little stroller that is 6.5 kilos and breaks down to fit into the overhead locker on the plane. I admit to being exited by this. Because once you check your bags you still have to get around the airport. I think airlines have loan strollers but I figure this is the best thing since sliced bread.

I’m taking my new Dreamstation with me and I have managed to get the Dreammapper app to work and download data. I am doing very well with the ACAP machine. My AHI is down to 1.6 which is normal and basically I feel energetic and alert which is great. This will be my first travel run with it.

I am hoping to get to the Jane Austen festival in Canberra next month but I have not sewn anything and that’s quite normal for me but I usually start sewing in the week before. As I’m going to busy I got stuck in yesterday. I took apart an old dress that I love but didn’t fit and made a new bodice with the scraps I found. Even then I didn’t quite get it right and had to put a band between the bodice and skirt. I will also change how it is fastened at the back as the hooks were crap. So it’s either lacing or buttons and I’m probably going to go buttons. At Ikea I bought some curtains that look like fine muslin with sew white stripes and I have cut out a dress out of it. That worked out to be $29.99 for the fabric and I think that’s quite reasonable.

Here is a snap of the remade dress I made maybe 14 years ago. I’ve grown outwards by at least 2 inches. Don’t mind the stuff around it. We are having the carpets cleaned so all the movables have been deposited around the house.



And, finally, my publishing news. Argenterra, the first book in the Silverlands series is currently 99 cents/pence. Argenterra-1000x1500

Buy links

amazon ibooks Kobo Google Nook

Ruby Heart is now wide so you can grab a copy in Apple books, Kobo, Google, B&N as well as Amazon. The sequel Emerald Fire is still in Kindle Unlimited but I am going to have a free period and let my newsletter subscribers know about that.


Ruby Heart is available from major retailers

ibooks  Kobo Google amazon

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I am happy to report that Ruby Heart is currently free on Amazon until February 4.

A book of manners, magic and mayhem.

I have also put Emerald Fire up for preorder, with a release date of 28 February. I am slightly behind schedule but it’s worth it.

I am helping my daughter with her new baby and have been distracted. So pop on over to Amazon and get your free copy.

Ruby Heart for free                                                                               Emerald Fire for preorder



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A funny kind of me day

Today was going to be a me day. Don’t get me wrong-it was- but not what I was expecting.

I had to provide some book links to another author who is spreading the word about Argenterra being on discount for 99 cents. I came to my website and realised that it was in a bit of a crap state. Some links weren’t working.

So my ‘me’ day has been split between working on a hat. Hat making is fun so I call that a win. The rest of the day so far has been updating and revamping my website. It’s not perfect but it is a damn sight better than it was. Do check it out! Mostly the home page and the My books page.

In other news, Moonfall is out. The final installment in the Dragon Wine series. I have no idea if readers think it’s any good. I don’t run an ARC team for feedback and review so I’m sitting here nervously…waiting…waiting.

I’m hoping that it was a delight and not a disaster!

I will be launching the last two books at Conflux, the Canberra SF convention on Saturday 29, 12.45 at the Vibe Hotel at Canberra airport.

I have just sent off a print order for some books. I may have to put another order in but I have enough for the launch!

I’m on some panel items at Conflux as well as having a table and I’ve just signed up to a creative writing thing in Bourke the week before as I come back late the day before Conflux starts. This means I have to very prepared. One of the things I’m doing is presenting the paper I did for IASPR on SF romance and sexual consent. We will also be holding a fan fund auction and have heaps of great stuff to auction off to raise money for GUFF!

Now, if I go find that book I’m meant to be reading for my Phd, I might pretend that it was a ‘me’ day after all.


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I have put together a collection of short stories called, Through These Eyes. It is a collection of magic realism and fantasy stories that span my whole publishing career. From my very first story, ‘Absence of Mind’, published way back in 2001, I think, to two stories that are appearing first in the collection,  ‘Compost Juice’ and ‘In My Father’s Footsteps’.

It seems that I have a preference for magic realism, particularly in my earlier stories. Unlike, Beneath the Floating City, which was all SF, this collection is squarely in the realms of magic realism and fantasy. Some are creepy, but then again that depends on your point of view. One story, ‘Veg Out’ was written as horror, but a reader told me they thought it was funny so I guess it could be read as a comedy too.

Each story has a note about how I came up with the idea or ideas that formed the story.

The stunning cover is by Patty Jansen.

Have you ever wondered what is real?
Are everyday things just as they seem or is there a secret world just beyond our perception? One that bends and shifts as it hides from our sight?

Eleven tales of speculative fiction from Australian author, Donna Maree Hanson

I hope you enjoy!

Edit! I forgot to put in buy links.




Barnes and Noble


Through These Eyes

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As part of a Bookbub, I have Dragon Wine Volume One on sale for 99 cents/99 pence in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and India.

Dragon Wine Volume One is a box set of the first two books of the series, normally between $5.99 and $7.99.

This won’t be this price for long so get yours while it’s cheap.

Here is the link to my books page. My Books

I’ll be making the box set on sale in the USA shortly. I’ll let you know.


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Oh happy day.

Skyfire: Dragon Wine Part Five is published. It is currently available on Amazon and Kobo and will filter through to other stores like Google, Barnes and Noble and iBooks over the next few days.

I’ve also made Moonfall: Dragon Wine Part Six available for pre-order on Amazon, with a release date of 31 August. That just reminds me to chase up the map!


Here is the blurb.

Deliciously dark fantasy…

“Shatterwing has all the fantasy ingredients I love: tormented heroes, a truly twisted villain – and a brand new take on dragons!” Glenda Larke, (award winning author of The Stormlord Trilogy)

“Dark and compelling, with strong characters and a sense of grim inevitability that pulls you along with the story.” Craig Cormick, (award-winning author of the Shadow Master Series.)

The story continues…

On the devastated world of Margra, where man-eating dragons are tamer than humans, a small band of heroes fight for a brighter future.

After a battle with the malevolent baron and the evil dragon creature, Gercomo, to prevent the life giving dragon wine being sequestered in the doomsday city, Eternity, for use by the rich elite, Salinda turns her attention to the looming disaster that threatens their very existence.

With the aid of the powerful cadre, an ancient source of power and knowledge, Salinda fights to save her planet, Margra, from the final moonfall—an event that will destroy the already ravaged planet.

Currently safe within the underground city of Barraheim, a heavily pregnant Salinda knows that the end is looming and that a solution must be found. Plagued with doubt, she ponders whether her child be born before moonfall or born at all.

With Nils’s, her alien mate incapacitated and others in her band recovering from injuries, Salinda struggles to decipher an ancient text that speaks of a machine that might help them.

And in the dark spaces beneath Barrahiem lurks something else, something mysterious and dangerous…

Here is the link to the Amazon.com and Amazon.com.au pages.

Or check out the Dragon Wine Series page for a range of buy links.

And remember you can preorder Moonfall.

In other news, I have combined Deathwings and Bloodstorm into one book, Dragon Wine Volume Two. The first two books are combined in Dragon Wine Volume One. Volume one will be on price reduction for a Bookbub promotion around the 23 July for 99 cents in Australia, Canada, UK and India. I am hoping for  a price reduction in the USA later. So if you haven’t read the first books in the series and want to, then stay tuned for the first two books at 99cents.

I am so pleased to have nearly got this series out there. Not long now.

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