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I’ve done it!

I’ve collected my degree in a graduation ceremony.


What a hectic day it was. So crowded and so long, but it was awesome just the same. It was held in the Great Hall at Parliament House and there was a string quartet playing and all the pomp you’d expect.

I think I was a bit teary when I was putting the robes on. I remember what a big achievement it was for me to graduate in Economics at Sydney University in 1992. Something that I thought I’d never achieve at all.

Now twenty or so years later with a Masters in Creative Writing I’m so pleased and excited and wowed out.

I was accompanied by my daughter Shireen and my partner Matthew.


Here are my graduation buddies. Jennifer Curry and Wendy Banham.

Then I met up with Tony Eaton, the course convener and all round nice guy (He’s tall). I figured if a lecturer can wear Tardis Damask T-shirt, he had to be ace (and he is).



Here is a distance shot of Matthew and Shireen in the main foyer of Parliament House. Love all that marble.


I have official photos but I’ve just looked them up. OMG! I’ll have to sell my soul for them and I already paid a sitting fee. I will consult with Matthew and see what I can afford. Expensive business graduating.

Edit. And here is me tossing my hat. The camera was too slow so we filmed it.


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