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Tomorrow provided nothing gets in the way of it, I will be going under the knife for two partial knee replacements. I think there might be power tools involved but I really don’t want to think about that.

I’ve been working on my fitness the last few months and have upped the exercise this week. I went for my last walk in the drizzle today and did my ten minutes on the bike. As a result, my knees in the lead up have been really good, enough to have me wake up in the morning on occasion and say I don’t need it. However, the last couple of days with the increase in exercise, my knees have been very grumbly. Anyhow, while it’s going to hurt for a while, I know it should get better over time. Also, with partial knee replacements I keep half my knee and that helps with recovery and even better stability. Tonight and tomorrow I must wash in anti-bacterial solution to reduce the risk of infection, particular the multi resistant kind. Matthew has volunteered to change the sheets! (must remind him).

I have finished sending out the links to the thesis to those who romance writers and readers who participated in the survey and left their email addresses. So if you didn’t receive one your email might have bounced etc. However, drop me a line if you feel you missed out.

I’m about to do a bit of writing for a bit, now that I have done some admin. I’m packed up for hospital in the morning. Here’s me on the stationary bike this morning.

Other things to look forward to is travel later in the year.

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