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Mailing out links to my thesis to survey participants is taking longer than expected. However, I’m now sending via Gmail BCC in groups of about 50 each, instead of one at a time when I get the chance.

My outlook/iinet would not let me send more than 25 emails in an hour, which was annoying and caused more work. I cannot use my newsletter service because of double opt in requirements.

So far I have sent links to 155 romance writer participants and starting yesterday with the BCC on Gmail 169 to romance readers. I’m getting quite a few bounces, mostly from the romance reader participants. I think this is to be expected as these details were provided in 2016 and 2017.

I have many hundreds of emails to send.

Another annoying thing. I developed a template, then corrected the template, but somehow in many cases the template message with typos went out. I’m sorry about this. I feel very stupid and actually can’t work out how that happened. For those getting the error free email you are one of the lucky ones.

As a rule of thumb, romance writers are downloading more than readers. However, I won’t be able to distinguish between the groups from now on as I’m sending to both groups at the same time.

If you participated in the survey and haven’t received a link in a week or two, then feel free to email me for it.

I am very grateful to the survey participants for their generous support and thoughtful survey responses. Thank you.

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