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So my bags aren’t quite packed, but my darling man bought a keyboard cover for the iPad Air so I can take it instead of the heavy laptop. I’m so excited by that. He is awesome. I didn’t have time today to go shopping but Matthew went after work.

Tonight my children cooked me a late birthday/early mother’s day dinner, with prezzies. Homemade lasagne and flourless chocolate cake with coconut cream/chocolate frosting. It was great to see them and I’ll miss them while I’m away. Matthew is staying here holding the fort, having horror movie nights, hopefully not eating too badly and enjoying the cold. I understand that New Orleans is warm. Yay, I had to totally rethink my wardrobe, but I’m quite prepared to shop!

I’ve printed out the stuff I need, now I just need to organise what I’m taking with me. Not easy to do when you’re on the computer.

I injured my knee in the move in November and have a torn tendon. Everything had been going fairly well, not hurting, able to walk, except these last couple of days it’s flared up. Now I have to get on a plane for 15 hours with a bad knee. I’ve bought a knee support and just hope I won’t need to buy a walking stick. Eek!

I’m looking forward to the RT Convention and the shopping and eating, except I believe I’m now allergic to fish so I have to be careful. I love fish so you can imagine not being able to eat it is going to be tough. The other night we had chips from the local takeaway and I reacted to them. I’m getting more and more sensitive.

I’m taking Invoked, my current WIP with me to work on. I’ve not done much in recent weeks except on writing dates, with  my mother being deadly ill over Easter and then family coming down to say their goodbyes, but mum rallied, but is still exiting this life, just more slowly. I really thought she was leaving and I went through all the saying goodbyes, the crying, the grieving and now I have to adjust to her being still here, but also with a different personality. It’s just plain odd, but the brain injuries do weird things.

Anyway, it’s time to cuddle my man and leave this computer be. I may blog while I’m away, it depends on how well wordpress and ipad get one.


A shot of me and Cat Sparks

A shot of me and Cat Sparks

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