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I had other posts planned, but then I saw the movie, Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, written and directed by  Burr Steers. I missed this at the cinema when it was out and was annoyed at that, but didn’t think too much of it. Just added it to my secret desires of DVD purchases’ list.

Matthew read Pride, Prejudice and Zombies (by Seth Grahame-Smith) to me. We read about half way and thought it was kind of cute. My recollection is that the zombie stuff was written around the Austen texts, inserted here and  there. We sort of lost interest. Probably because when Matthew reads to me I fall asleep. Just the other night I was snoring quite embarrassingly by the time he got to the second page of the short piece he wanted to share with me. It’s not his voice. I think it’s being horizontal or just plain tired.

Anyway, what a revelation the movie is! Steers did an amazing job. There may be spoilers here so look away. I’ll try to mark or avoid spoilers but it is P&P essentially so hard to spoil.

First up, I loved the whole recasting of the Regency period and the faux history of the plague and the little nods to mad King George and the Royal canal and the bridges to the In-Between. It was a delightful reimagining that didn’t quite come across in the novel.

The fact that rich, upper class women go to Japan to train and the poorer middle class train in China. Brilliant master stroke.

Possible spoilers!

The scene where the five Bennet sisters strut their stuff at the ball was sexy, surreal and utterly awesome! I know this because Matthew liked it too!

The idea that a woman can be refined or a fighter but not both. Totally fab.

The zombies were awesome and the whole Wickham plot a piece of genius.

Colonel Darcy comes across as severe and immutable. For different reasons or at least added reasons than in the original in Austen’s story. He fights zombies for England! I quite warmed to Sam Riley in this role. Was the doctor perving on him in the opening. I caught a naughty aside there.

The proposal scene. OMG! That was sheer brilliance. I laughed the second time I watched it. There are no repressed feelings here. I loved Lily James in this role. I love how Steers combined action and dialogue and even dropped in some from other Austen novels.

The confrontation with Lady Catherine, sheer brilliance. I loved Lady Catherine, just the right amount of tongue in cheek and humour. Matt Smith as Mr (Parson) Collins was fun. At first I didn’t recognize him and then the penny dropped.

Douglass Booth as Bingley was a divine choice. (He was Titus in Jupiter Ascending) His beauty was all the more in a Regency setting. Also I must say Bella Heathcote, Australian actress, made a lovely Jane.

I also should add that this re-visitation of P&P certainly excited the feminist in me. Jane’s rescue, Lizzy’s uncompromising stance to …well…everything.

If you haven’t seen it and you like zombies (I don’t much myself but in this instance (nods)) and P&P then this movie is for you.


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