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I’m still settling in after the jetlag. Still in transition from being on holiday in lovely historic Britain to being at home again in Dweebenhiem in Canberra.

Here is a shot of Dweebenhiem with peach blossoms! I hadn’t seen those before as we saw the house in late Spring before we bought it.

Dweebenhiem in Spring

Dweebenhiem in Spring

Yesterday it was a fab Sunday roast with friends and some family. I even did stuffing to go with the pork. I’m still trying to hang onto the threads of my trip.

Last night I had the grandchildren over. They’ve just left actually and peace has descended. Tomorrow I go back to work. Mind you I’m not sure how I’m going to get there as Action Buses took my express bus away. No more 788 or 785. I’ll just have to transition to the more convenient but expensive car and leave the inconvenient but cheap public transport along. Mind you before the bus timetable was imposed it was convenient and cheap. Thank you ACT Government! Not!

As I’ll be back at work I won’t be able to do much promotion and writing time will be these treasured moments when time, inspiration and energy levels combine. I’m entering a busy reporting stage of my project that should keep me stressed out until Christmas and maybe beyond. Then again maybe it won’t be that way.

As I may not have books for my launch on Saturday 12.30 at Conflux SF Convention, I’m getting these postcards printed. Provided they make it in time. They will have a discount code for the ebook, which will be fab.I’ll also be on a couple of panels at the convention.

. Along with the fabulous launch speaker Cat Sparks and awesome MC Nicole Murphy. The wonderful Matthew Farrer will be doing the book selling (or preorders).  So for the launch reading there will be just me, raw, everyday me. I was going to say naked me, but not your your life! I’ll be wearing my special launch shoes. I haven’t thought about a dress yet. And I may not do a reading but I’ll need to work that out pretty soon won’t I? I mean there will be people and everything like that.

So the postcard!

Dragon Wine Series Book 1 and 2

Dragon Wine Series Book 1 and 2

Then the special launch shoes! (this is my excuse for buying a third pair of shoes in that store on that day in Maidstone, Kent).

Launch Shoes

Launch Shoes

Everyone needs special shoes on a special day. Now I just have to find something to wear.

Wish me luck. I may have real life print books sometime soon. But the ebook is awesome. Did I mention it had maps? I’ll do another post on the Donna and the map drama later. Why waste a good blog topic? Also, I’m still working on the Four writers on a canal boat for a week post. It’s complicated.

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A bit of personal news about our move to a new house. Matthew and I have moved into together and bought a rather large house, which we have named Dweebenhiem (Dweebhiem by Matthew). It’s a bit grander than what we are used to. I lived in a normal four bedroom house with lovely views over Queanbeyan and Matthew lived in a two bedroom flat with books oozing out of it. There was a path to the bed, the bathroom, kitchen and computer. Merging houses is an interesting experience. We aren’t quite there yet. The books are still in the garage, along with shelves and various other bits.

So far we’ve had a housewarming and Christmas celebrations here. We aren’t quite settled yet. Matthew said to me last night it feels like we are in a writing retreat house. We explore all the bits but it feels like we will pack up and go home. I’ll post some pictures of the view etc in a bit. While we are quite happy here (and we are managing to keep it clean), there were issues. The first morning here, Matthew was in the shower and I went downstairs and water was pouring through the ceiling. We’ve been very lucky as the company that did the house inspection (they are compulsory here in the ACT (Canberra))  is organising to repair the two upstairs bathrooms and the damage to the ceiling downstairs. It was missed when they did the inspection. I was a bit traumatised at first but now I’m okay about it. It’s being fixed. We’ll get passed this.

The other amazing thing was the buses. There is a bus stop at the end of our street. One route, the 788 takes me to Barton and it’s a short walk to work. Matthew can take three buses as he works in Civic. Two expresses or the normal bus. I was so excited about being able to take the bus. It’s so convenient and cheap with a Myway card. On my first ride, a fellow traveller said that the route 788 was being cancelled. I wrote to Action buses and they said the decision was under review. Thank god for that. Convenience at price get people like me out of their cars and onto public transport. That’s better for the environment, traffic congestion and hip pockets. People of Banks, Gordon and Conder get on your bus or you’ll lose it and it’s fab.

Now that I have found a bus, I’m on leave until February. But then I have to make the call, give up my parking spot and commute regularly. I can do it if there is a bus.

Now for views. The house is two story and we face the Brindabellas. This is the view right now from my office.

view from Donna's office 30 JanThe ensuite in mid repair. Tradies are on holidays until early to mid-January.

ensuite repairs

The lounge room or TV nook.  We have names for all the rooms, I think.

lounge room

The dining room, with my new knitters loom, yarn and other guff scattered about.

dining roomThe garage full of stuff and mess from Christmas (yet to be disposed of)

garage messThe games room. Spot the pink coffin shaped dolls house we bought the grandchildren. It’s a vampire villa.

games room

The guest room. Suspiciously normal looking.

guest room

The front of the house.

house frontAnd the gargoyle.

gargoyleSo we are here in this big house, hoping we can fit all our crap inside it. We have yet to unpack the bulk of the books. We are yet to decide on where all the shelves will go, and we’ve bought new ones. One day, we’ll be settled and we can kick back and relax. Right now we have to change our Drivers licenses over before we get a fine.


I’ll have another couple of personal posts before I resume the author interview series.


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