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I watched Jupiter Ascending (2015) again last night, possibly for the third time. it took our minds of the Australian census drama. A number of my friends hate this movie. I’ve always liked it. I like SF romance and this movie sort of fits the bill. Jupiter Ascending is a beautifully rendered movie visually. From the design of the space ships to the guns and boots ahh sigh. My partner and I agree it was very well done. We both thought the flying dragon-lizard things in leather jackets was way cool. Also pig tailed gothic bounty woman on the scooter! Ooh yeah.

I have read that Channing Tantum’s performance was wooden and flat. I don’t agree with that either, well only because that fits with his character. He is a bioengineered soldier who is not meant to be emotional so it totally goes that he is not over demonstrative. When he gets to the kissing part, he seems to manage that okay!

What struck me last night though was Titus holding a container of the youth elixir. He tells Jupiter that 100 people died in producing that one container. He also says that being human is an act of consumption. This morning I’m thinking that Wachowskis were being deliberately allegorical. Who knows how many people had to die to keep me in pizza for six months? How many people die because they don’t live in a society that is equal to mine? Countless. I also think there is commentary here on the Western’s world’s pursuit of longevity. We spend a lot of money on research to extend our lives (those of us who can afford it) but what about the people who die of everyday, treatable diseases or from lack of medicine and health care or even appropriate or sufficient food? So we in the West, the lucky ones live at other people’s expense. That is if we truly believe we are all equal. Equality is very geographically determined concept.

Then there is Jupiter Jones, played well by Mila Kunis. She’s no ass kicking super hero, or overly educated privileged white woman. No, she’s a migrant, poor, working in the most shit job imaginable. Cleaning other people’s loos! What is interesting for me is that she goes back to that job after everything and she goes back to it happy, taking pleasure in her role and service. For the life of me I can’t parse that in some ways (I was weaned on princesses), but in other ways I can. She’s a every person’s heroine. She is not glamorised, despite the costumes and the beauty and the power she is offered in her galactic existence. She’s happy to just be the cog in the wheel appreciating the simple things in life. She is happy knowing that the world is safe.

I’m not saying the movie doesn’t have some flaws. Sean Bean doesn’t die. Totally threw me that. Lol. Okay I’m kidding. The bees, while spectacular the bit about them recognising royalty not so much. I also noticed that Jupiter is called your majesty and then your highness, which are different. I thought the whole royal house thing was a bit hazy, but that didn’t bring it down for me.

Hate me if you dare! I give Jupiter Ascending four out of five stars.

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