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It’s 2023 and I haven’t written a word. I want to but things are complicated. I seem to be lazing my way through hot summer days, focussing on housework and cooking and listening to audio books.

I’ve started writing out a chore list so we can divide up the chores so I don’t feel like it’s all up to me. My partner does his bit really but there are things that don’t get seen so writing them up helps. I’ve also written up what’s important to me…mostly but there are always things I leave out and have to add in and then my list is just too long. How can I focus on everything I want to do?

For instance, I need to get fit and healthy and lose weight. Guess what’s not on the list? I want to walk more, go to the pool and eat better and that requires I put it on the list. I need to squeeze that in the list and my life.

Obviously not everything needs focus everyday. Craft can be once or twice a week, maybe. Looking at my assessment of what I do that I like and I spend lots of time on family and social media so something has to give. Add to that, I’m resuming work so even less time than I have now.

If only we could lengthen the days, stretch out the hours, turn back time, whatever.

Anyway, I’ve done one task today and that’s order books for the ARRA signing in February. Next, I need to book some flights.

Better get to it.

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Last week it was Conflux 15 over three days of the long weekend. I’m due to write a post on that, but first I’m just in the relax weekend space. I have some sourdough in the making. I’m making three loaves instead of two as my second daughter wants a loaf regularly too. I currently make one for the house and one for the number one daughter. I think I have this sourdough bread baking in hand. Today though I threw in a bunch of other flour, some wholemeal and some spelt so it will be interesting to see how that goes.

It’s a lovely sunny day outside, though a bit nippy. I can see cloud shadows on the ranges out the window to my left. I find that view comforting and calming.

IMG_9298I’m a bit stressed. Not a lot stressed but just a bit. It’s the 13th of October 2019 and I’m wondering what is happening to time. September I had a schedule to work on my phd novel, which I stuck to, but October started out busy and you know it’s just slipped by.

I did a schedule for the rest of October and I feel sort of less stressed about it. I want to do NaNoWriMo in November but I do have an exegesis to get reacquainted with. I haven’t been at my uni desk for a long time. I’ll be back there next week.

I think the schedule helped me be less stressed because it positioned me in reality a bit. It’s not an overly hard schedule but sitting down and looking at the month let me know that I still have a couple of weeks to get things done. Or shall I say start to get things done. A little bit less of panic, hand waving, screaming mode.

The PhD is not overly stressful. I’m on intermission so how can it be? It’s one of those things I must really throw myself into next year (next year is fast approaching!). I’m not working and earning so that is probably an itch that contributes to this sense of unease. I think it is this sense that time is going too fast.

So today I’m kicking back and relaxing. I have no chance of slowing time, I know that, but I want to feel a minute pass, and feel my breath as it leaves my body. I’m looking at the view and I’m waiting for the sourdough to do it’s thing.


Recent sourdough bread

I did have something else to say but it’s slipped through the sieve of my mind.

PS. The sourdough starter I dried before I went away revived nicely. I also froze some but can’t discover it in the chaos of the deep freezer.

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