The final installment in the Dragon Wine series is fast approaching. Due date 31 August 2018.

The proof corrections have arrived and I’ve started on them.

Also, the  map, which I’m going to share here.

But first! I’d share the blurb but I may have to change it.


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Now for the map. I had drawn this out but in discussion with Dr Russell Kirkpatrick about the map, he came up with this very cool idea. He is a geographer as well as a writer, Legoman and golf/sport/music nerd. He had been looking at some historical maps of New Zealand from when not much had been explored. The map we looked at (and he did tell me who it was by) showed rumoured coastline and unknown coastlines (or not-just unknown blank space). Anyway, we thought this would work well for the map of Margra because it’s a post-apocalyptic world and the coastlines of the continents had changed, and civilisation had been devastated and once thriving cities ruined. So we came up with this, mostly Russell came up with this. I’d love to hear what you think.

This is meant to be the map that Nils puts together from his research in the Hiem archives and from hearing accounts from Danton and Brill. The map will appear in Moonfall, print and ebooks.

Margra World Map Moonfall 2


I have put together a collection of short stories called, Through These Eyes. It is a collection of magic realism and fantasy stories that span my whole publishing career. From my very first story, ‘Absence of Mind’, published way back in 2001, I think, to two stories that are appearing first in the collection,  ‘Compost Juice’ and ‘In My Father’s Footsteps’.

It seems that I have a preference for magic realism, particularly in my earlier stories. Unlike, Beneath the Floating City, which was all SF, this collection is squarely in the realms of magic realism and fantasy. Some are creepy, but then again that depends on your point of view. One story, ‘Veg Out’ was written as horror, but a reader told me they thought it was funny so I guess it could be read as a comedy too.

Each story has a note about how I came up with the idea or ideas that formed the story.

The stunning cover is by Patty Jansen.

Have you ever wondered what is real?
Are everyday things just as they seem or is there a secret world just beyond our perception? One that bends and shifts as it hides from our sight?

Eleven tales of speculative fiction from Australian author, Donna Maree Hanson

I hope you enjoy!

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Through These Eyes

As part of a Bookbub, I have Dragon Wine Volume One on sale for 99 cents/99 pence in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and India.

Dragon Wine Volume One is a box set of the first two books of the series, normally between $5.99 and $7.99.

This won’t be this price for long so get yours while it’s cheap.

Here is the link to my books page. My Books

I’ll be making the box set on sale in the USA shortly. I’ll let you know.


Oh happy day.

Skyfire: Dragon Wine Part Five is published. It is currently available on Amazon and Kobo and will filter through to other stores like Google, Barnes and Noble and iBooks over the next few days.

I’ve also made Moonfall: Dragon Wine Part Six available for pre-order on Amazon, with a release date of 31 August. That just reminds me to chase up the map!


Here is the blurb.

Deliciously dark fantasy…

“Shatterwing has all the fantasy ingredients I love: tormented heroes, a truly twisted villain – and a brand new take on dragons!” Glenda Larke, (award winning author of The Stormlord Trilogy)

“Dark and compelling, with strong characters and a sense of grim inevitability that pulls you along with the story.” Craig Cormick, (award-winning author of the Shadow Master Series.)

The story continues…

On the devastated world of Margra, where man-eating dragons are tamer than humans, a small band of heroes fight for a brighter future.

After a battle with the malevolent baron and the evil dragon creature, Gercomo, to prevent the life giving dragon wine being sequestered in the doomsday city, Eternity, for use by the rich elite, Salinda turns her attention to the looming disaster that threatens their very existence.

With the aid of the powerful cadre, an ancient source of power and knowledge, Salinda fights to save her planet, Margra, from the final moonfall—an event that will destroy the already ravaged planet.

Currently safe within the underground city of Barraheim, a heavily pregnant Salinda knows that the end is looming and that a solution must be found. Plagued with doubt, she ponders whether her child be born before moonfall or born at all.

With Nils’s, her alien mate incapacitated and others in her band recovering from injuries, Salinda struggles to decipher an ancient text that speaks of a machine that might help them.

And in the dark spaces beneath Barrahiem lurks something else, something mysterious and dangerous…

Here is the link to the Amazon.com and Amazon.com.au pages.

Or check out the Dragon Wine Series page for a range of buy links.

And remember you can preorder Moonfall.

In other news, I have combined Deathwings and Bloodstorm into one book, Dragon Wine Volume Two. The first two books are combined in Dragon Wine Volume One. Volume one will be on price reduction for a Bookbub promotion around the 23 July for 99 cents in Australia, Canada, UK and India. I am hoping for  a price reduction in the USA later. So if you haven’t read the first books in the series and want to, then stay tuned for the first two books at 99cents.

I am so pleased to have nearly got this series out there. Not long now.

Years ago I wrote this story story about my relationship with credit cards. I went looking for an old story I had lost and found this one too. I’m going to put it up here. It never did get published. I wrote it in my very early days of writing. The file details says it was written in mid- 2002. This version was last looked at in 2003.


I have improved my credit card habits in recent times. Mostly out of necessity because I’m on a low income. However, I cannot say I’m cured.

Temptation of Plastic Fantastic

By Donna Maree Hanson

I was in a dilemma. I had tried on three suits and I couldn’t decide which one to buy. The pale yellow had a nice cut, the blue pants and top were too cheap to miss, and the other collection was the prettiest thing I had ever seen and made me look trendy. I rationalised that in my line of work I had to look professional, fresh, new and, more importantly, tailored. It was too much! I couldn’t choose so I said, ‘I’ll take them all.’

Smiling, I handed over my credit card and then listened to the machine whirr and clatter. My eyes flicked around the store, giving it the final once over. I noticed a blue blouse, with a lovely floral print that I hadn’t seen earlier. The shop assistant’s voice broke into my thoughts, as I had been tempted to try it on. ‘I’m sorry. It’s been declined.’ She looked at me, a slight accusation evident in the finely plucked eyebrow.

My mouth dropped open. ‘Oh? That’s strange,’ I said as I fumbled for my wallet. ‘Do you take this charge card?’ I asked hopefully. She replied that they did, so I handed it over.

The rejection of my transaction did make me mildly concerned, only mildly, of course. However, it had dented my pride to be so exposed and publicly disgraced, even though I was the only shopper in the store. It was like finding yourself naked in a public place. I repressed a shudder.

The charge card went through without a hitch. I leaned forward to see the telltale ‘approved’ flash on the little screen. Although it was my first time to be ‘declined’, I thought I handled it well; I had had another card up my sleeve.

My mind ran through the possibilities. Perhaps it was declined because I had recently moved from weekly to monthly pays, (that change in itself was enough to excite palpitations in the most robust person). I thought I had transferred enough salary to my credit card to cope with my purchasing habits. Obviously, I had thought wrong. It was easily fixed: I could just transfer more.

I grabbed my wares and my three-hundred-and-eighty-five-dollar receipt and headed for the ATM. Obviously something had to be done. How could I cope without the means to purchase life’s little necessities? My charge card was fine, except not very many stores accepted it. However, they always accepted my credit card.

A few minutes later on the way to the ATM, some canvas laundry baskets caught my eye, their fantastic colours tantalising me. I liked the yellow and the blue and bought them both. I had wanted something like them for the longest time and what did it matter if I bought them now or later. I used EFTPOS that time as the credit card had proved unreliable and the shop didn’t take my charge card.

Within the hour, I wandered past the bookstore still on my way to the ATM (It’s a big shopping mall). They were having a sale. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to take a look. There was a great book on the Phoenicians and I had never seen a text on them before, and a little handbook of Scottish names that would be ever so handy for something. I picked them up and put them down. I walked out of the shop and back in again. All the while, my mind was turning over and over—Do you want them? Do you need them? At last, I hit upon an idea; the book on the Phoenicians was unusual and my brother-in-law liked that type of thing and they were thirty- five percent off. I raced back to the end of the row where the books were located. It was an act of desperation in case someone else had seen them too. I searched a bit, rummaged through the health and cookbooks with bright orange stickers with fifty percent off boldly written on them in black felt tip pen. Finally, my hand fell upon them and I made it to the counter before anyone else could get there. I laid down my charge card card, the plastic square snapping against the counter top. The bookstore accepted my brand of charge card, I already knew from experience, so there was no opportunity to expose my recalcitrant credit card.

I managed at last to get to the ATM, it was a struggle it had taken nearly two hours. It was January and there were sales everywhere. I inserted my card and discovered, to my horror, that my credit card was over the limit. I checked my savings account and found it empty as a drought-infested, dried-up creek bed. My mind raced, quickly considering all my other sources of funds, but I could not find any that would to heal the gaping wound in my accounts.

I was stunned at first, unable to take it in. I refused to believe it and double-checked the balances. The sound of traffic passing whooshed by, as I stood open mouthed, gaping at the ATM. It didn’t quite make sense. What did I buy to make the accounts so overdrawn? Nothing came to mind at first and then as if someone was dropping a ream of photocopy paper from high above, the recollections floated down through my mind. ‘Oh!…Oh, forgot that…Shit!’ I said and then cringed hoping no one had heard. I looked around and there was no one about so I relaxed, a little. My credit card was very sick. I couldn’t deny it now. It was suffering severely and I had no cure available.

My mouth turned down with worry. Sourly, I admitted that I would just have to live with it, so I reclaimed my card and went home. I did notice, though, that the sun was not shining as brightly as it had when I had left home that morning.

The days passed and the worry lingered. The only thing I could do was stay away from the shops, for a short time, at least. I would get paid again, eventually.

Another week passed and the worry crystallised. I felt constricted by my financial bind. I couldn’t use my credit card, EFTPOS was overdrawn and I had no idea how much I had charged to my charge card. That unknown started to loom large to the point where I dreaded seeing the credit card statements, but I kept on beating back the fear in the hope that there had been a mistake. I went over all my purchases in my mind confident that they hadn’t been that large or numerous. Then I remembered that I had used my charge card for petrol, a dozen red wines, a few nice meals in restaurants, a present here and there…oh, and the clothes and…oh the airfares. I did a quick mental count and sat down, cradling my head in my arms. It occurred to me then that I was possibly in serious shit.

The charge card company usually debited the money straight from my savings account. If I had no idea what I had spent, then I had no idea what would come out of my account: this had serious implications for my budget. My credit card was five hundred dollars over the limit already and that limit was five thousand dollars. I had hit rock bottom with a thud and groaned into the tabletop.

Later I tried to get over it; perhaps it was just the post-Christmas blues. The January sales were on and I was unarmed for combat, unable to hunt for the best bargain. The temptation of the bargains called to me on the wind, the Mall was only a five quick minutes away. It was hard to resist the urge, the temptation, but I did.

The days blurred into one long frustration that grew until it became a nagging headache that coloured my perception of life. I began to be listless and withdrawn, unable to participate in the normal routine of life. The cupboard was bare and I couldn’t tell anyone about my little problem: I couldn’t even buy a pizza!

It was too embarrassing. I had succumbed before and every one close to me knew about my previous transgressions. This wasn’t the first time I’d bought my credit card to its limit.

The timing is always right. I’d be at my limit and the bank teller would say ‘Is your credit limit sufficient?’ so ingenuously that I would be taken in, as if she were offering me another cup of tea. If she said instead, ‘Would you like to increase your debt with this bank?’ I might think differently if the bank put it that way.

Somehow, there is a strange perversion in me, when I see that available credit figure on my statement I convert it into how much money I have to spend. What has happened to my rational thinking? Am I caught up in a vortex of easy credit and consumerism?

Herein is the catch. The credit card statements say ‘available balance’ and everything is fine until it says you have ‘nil’ available balance. If you’re lucky perceptions shift and you say ‘Hey I owe the bloody bank five thousand dollars!’

I say lucky because it doesn’t always happen that way. Not for me. Sometimes I put a bit of cash on the card and I’m free to shop again. I feel a liberation so strong because once again I can participate in the bargains, meals and fun that everyone else is apparently having.

Inevitably, the statements came and then my world came crashing down around me. My charge card bill was three times what I had expected it to be and the credit card balance had grown even more, once they added in the interest charges. My pay would barely cover the charge card payment and the excess amount on the credit card. What really scared me though was that I would still have a whole month to live before I got paid again. And that meant with nothing to live on. This was really earth-shattering shit!

Anguish gripped my innards and I had to fight the tears of frustration that signalled out and out failure. The temptation of credit had me in its tight grip and I never knew how entwined I was. Something had to give.

I started going through the options, as if flicking through my recipe cards: flick, flick and flop. I could get a personal loan to pay the credits cards all off and never use them again. Unfortunately, I had tried that before and it had worked for six months or so, but then I’d get another card and everything would start climbing back up. No, the personal loan option was out.

My habits had to change. I had to take drastic steps. If I didn’t I would be bankrupt. That would mean ruination of my career and me.

Then again, I am not the only one. There are others, if you are in the know, who have heaps of cards, countless cards, who borrow from one card to pay the other, and who live beyond their means. I heard about a guy who ran up two hundred thousand dollars’ worth of credit card debt on a wallet full of cards. It’s clear to me the banks are just giving it away, ready to suck you in to the bottomless pit of easy credit. Hey! I am not that bad! I am not like him!

However, I am miserable, defeated, totally humiliated and hungry for a pizza.

I have to take a stand.

I have to suffer to expiate my credit card sin and for succumbing to the lure of the plastic fantastic.

I have to stop shopping!

I began. I let charge card company take the full amount from my account. Actually, I had no idea what they would say if I asked them not to, probably lose those shopping reward points that had been so hard to earn. Then I took almost all the rest of my pay and put it on the credit card, and wrote to my kid’s expensive school and told them I had no cash and could I make an arrangement. Phew! I’d done it.

Then came the hard part; I kept my cards in my purse and kept a tight rein on them. Cold turkey was too hard. I had left myself short, and I had to have an out for emergencies, like school uniforms, new shoes and books for school.

Another month over and I had made it through, panting with exhaustion. However, there was a hiccup—the hotel bill from the Bali trip appeared on this month’s charge card. My life was over!

Well, not exactly over. It only meant that the torture had to continue for another month. The school fees had to be paid so I couldn’t relieve the agony of my credit card. I gave it some pain relief though, a few hundred to keep it below the limit, but I couldn’t use it. It was enough to keep the regular debits from starvation, but did not assuage its hungry debt. I still didn’t have the nerve to go cold turkey. Although restraint was excruciating, it wasn’t fatal.


The pain is fading now. I can’t tell if I will succumb again, but I am much more in control. I am still broke, although the charge card will be below five hundred this month, which is such relief. I see a slow recovery, bit by bit; I intend to whittle the credit card debt down and then I will reduce the limit. I know it’s foolish to keep paying the interest, even if I took out a personal loan to pay it off, I know I would just get another card. Besides it’s therapeutic to suffer, to learn the nature of your weakness and endure the self-inflicted torture.

I still buy little things, a book here and there, a video or DVD, although I am prudent; no clothes, no restaurants, well maybe once a month and only a cheapie.

You might wonder why I don’t throw the plastic card away, why I don’t listen to that old adage that ‘once bitten twice shy’. I’m deaf of course!

You might ask why the swordsman keeps his trusty blade. He needs it to fight to keep alive, to face the dangers of life. If you were a warrior, would you throw away your sword or your shield just because you took a blow or two? I know I wouldn’t.

Well that’s how I feel about my credit cards. They are my protection from hunger, my access to the things that are necessary for my lifestyle. They are my defence against destitution, and homelessness. Those innocent plastic cards are my shields against the nasty things in life, a means to defend myself. If I need a new dress to go to a party, or if I need to get out of town in a hurry like in the movies, then I can. They are a powerful tool, neat and easy to carry.

I haven’t given up my addiction, I realise that. The lure of temptation is still there. I just temper and control it. It is always there. Credit Cards will always be there.

There are questions that bother me—Is it the cards themselves that are the temptation or is it something they unleash? Am I inherently susceptible to temptation or am I a logical person, who is finding it hard to make ends meet uses credit to get me by?

I think deeper on the nature of temptation and how it affects me. Dark memories twisted with pain loom large as I rummage around the clutter of my mind. The answer is well hidden and covered in sticky cobwebs. There were times when I was struggling single parent where we had no food for a day or two, when I had to give the kids boiled rice baked in the oven with a shrivelled up slice of tomato and a Kraft cheddar cheese slice on top. It was so disgusting. I couldn’t eat it myself. It was like being half out of the pit of poverty.

Around the same time, too, I went to the doctor and he told me to get a prescription filled. I had to say I would when it was payday. He looked at me through his rimless glasses, his balding head haloed with a few feathered tufts of hair, as if I was someone he had never met before. ‘You mean you don’t have five dollars?’ he had asked as if I had just landed from a refugee boat. I shook my head, staring resolutely into my lap. He gave me a sample bottle of medicine. I left grateful, of course, but shamed.

Even though those memories haunt me, I sense that there is yet another layer where memories still weep like unhealed scars. They go back to the past, to the time when I was married young and had no say, no money and no hope. Who wants a life like that? Who needs the memories? Obviously, those times still haunt me and the temptation of affluence lures me on. They drove me to study, to improve—they drove me to this!

What happened to the simple life—those halcyon days where you got paid, dispersed your funds and banked the rest? I have never experienced them personally, though I have heard rumours about them.

I don’t bank anything. I have negative savings. I read the newspaper so I know that a large percentage of the population is in the same boat. I am not alone after all. The temptation is with me now. Is it with you too?

The End



Yesterday, I sent the manuscript of Moonfall to the editor. That is the last installment in the Dragon Wine series. It’s been a huge undertaking to get it ready, considering I only drafted it in January.

In finishing a series, I have looked back over the time I’d been writing the series and it has been 15 years. I haven’t been writing only Dragon Wine in all that time, but that’s when it started.

In 2003, I was living on a small vineyard, growing grapes. It was there the ideas flowed while I pruned the grapes, sprayed them and mowed the rows between them. You can see where my ideas came from, right?

I’m excited that the series is finished. I am also sad, too. I won’t be writing Salinda anymore or Garan or Danton. I know there are more stories in the setting and maybe when the time is right I will write them.

I met with Russell Kirkpatrick today to discuss the map for Moonfall. He had some very cool ideas and I’m so excited. I’ve drawn a map but he’s going to transform it into an artifact.

Many people have supported me during the last 15 years. This support ranged from a general pat on the back and encouragement to keep working to feedback on early drafts and the later ones. I spent a good deal of Sunday writing thank you to all those people.

Writing is a solitary business. You have to write the book. But having friends and being surrounded by people who get what you are doing are like fertilizer. They help you grow, support you when you’re sad and celebrate your victories. I have so many people to thank.

What am I going to do now? Let me see. There’s this PhD thing I’m supposed to be doing. In the next six months, I have to rewrite and then rewrite my PhD novel. I also have to draft my exegesis and then rewrite that a number of times. I am hoping to have something submit worthy for next year. I imagine I’ll be doing more revising and stuff next year, too. I will be tutoring some of second semester too. Maybe I’ll earn enough to pay back all the money I spent last semester. Hahaha!

Today, I did something a bit strange. I had this moment where I just hated my hair. I was going to get it chopped off- you know crew cut style. I chickened out and veered away from the hairdressers. Then I got the idea that I could revert to my old hair, which was a bob. I did that, then I went to get some coloured rinse. It will wash out. But see below. Pink hair. See you next time. I may be blue or purple or red then.

Pink hair donna

Well you can tell that I’m not busy and stressed as I was as here is my next post, really soon after the last one.

Today, I started the polish of Moonfall. Normally, I’d wait a few weeks between the tidy up and a polish to get beta reader feedback. However, as the MS is booked in with the editor I can’t really wait.

Because I have RSI and arthritis and so on, I have to be careful how long I spend on the computer. The longer I spend on the computer the more attention I have to pay to ergonomics. One of the ways I tackle this is that I print out the MS in bits, read them, edit them and then key in changes later. On the weekend, this was proving a bit difficult so I went to Office Works and bought a copy stand. This allows me to have the MS held up at screen height, next to the screen and made the transcribing of the corrections so much more quicker, but also less demanding on my neck. I have a small space to work in and that meant holding the print out and trying to type stuff in. With the copy stand I have both hands free.

Here is a picture of it here. I was quite lucky because it was only around $50. I was expecting it to be more.

Today I started on the polish, now that I have sent Moonfall to beta readers. I’ve been having problems with the beginning of the book from the start. Not only because a mad woman wrote it. I fixed up the continuity stuff but then found I went on a bit. I was downstairs washing dishes and thinking about the problem when a solution came to me. I was so pleased. I managed to cut about 2000 words out of the first couple of chapters and reorganise it a bit better. I am pleased with the day’s work. I think the rest of the story is going along nicely so we will see how it goes tomorrow.

Writing books can be hard work. I think I drove myself to the very edge on the weekend. I’m surprised my brain is even working at the moment.

I believe going to see the new Solo moving probably helped me wind down. I loved it. Then again I loved the old Solo tie in novels, Han Solo at Stars End and so on. Matthew and I are both geeks and love Solo so we enjoyed the film. We saw Deadpool 2 last week. What a ripper! So funny and in your face. I like how it is so meta…aware of itself, Deadpool speaking to the audience as well as the other characters. Next one we are looking forward to is Ant Man and The Wasp.

Meanwhile…back at the book farm…I have uploaded Dragon Wine Volume Two. This is the third and fourth book in one volume and at a price that is cheaper than buying them separately. I intend to do a box set of the final two books too, maybe early next year and then the complete box set. Right now Dragon Wine Volume Two is only up on Amazon, but it will go up at other retailers soon. I just have to update Calibre before I can convert the file.

And once I have had a peek at the edit of Skyfire (due today) and work out how much work I have to do, I will put Skyfire up for pre-order. That’s my big news. I’ll come back here and let you know when it’s up.

So as a tease, here is the cover of Skyfire, coming soon to preorder status. The cover is from Frauke at http://www.crocodesigns.com